Conversations under the Umbrella of Iranian Cinema in the Cannes Film Market

  • 19 May 2024
  • 14:25
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Conversations under the Umbrella of Iranian Cinema in the Cannes Film Market

Iranian cinema Umbrella has been experiencing busy hours since the start of the 2024 film market in Cannes, France.

According to the public relations of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, the booth of Iran`s cinema the market of the Cannes Festival is a place where filmmakers and representatives of different film companies come and go, and the representatives of Iran`s cinema have many discussions and interactions to exchange cinematic works and products of our country.

Based on this report, filmmakers and international cinema figures, who were present at the Iranian booth, held numerous discussions under the umbrella of the cinema of Iran about participation in Iranian film festivals, and the purchase of international rights for short film and documentary products. Among these famous cinematic figures, we could name the presence of Mr. Ahmad Shawky, the President of the International Federation of Film Critics Association (FIPRESCI), representative of the Tokyo Festival, head of the National Film Center of Armenia, representative of Puna Festival, Jifoni Festival. Also conferring with well-known Palestinian director Rashid Mashrawi, head of Gaza Film Fund, and discussing with broadcasting and distribution companies of Japan, India, Australia, France and Broadcasting companies in North and Latin America have been among strategic plans of the representative of the cinema of Iran being present in this prestigious international cinematic event.