"After Leaving" and "Sima's Unfinished Narration" Travel to Moscow

  • 15 April 2024
  • 10:19
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"After Leaving" and "Sima's Unfinished Narration" Travel to Moscow

Two films "After leaving" and "Sima's unfinished narration" produced by the Farabi Cinema Foundation will be screened at the 8th Moscow BRICS Film Festival.

According to the public relations of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, the movie "After Leaving" directed by Reza Nejati and produced by Mahmoud Babaei in the competition section, and the movie "Sima's Unfinished Narration" directed by Alireza Samadi and produced by Majid Rezabala in the non-competition section of the 8th edition of BRICS Film Festival will be shown, this Festival is part of the 46th Moscow Film Festival.

"After Leaving" is a story of the separation of a lost love; Arash, cut off from his home and family, finds a trace of his lost love after years of being alone, which disrupts the peace of his life and becomes an excuse to return; Saber Abar, Sara Bahrami, Pouria Rahimisam, Pantea Panahiha, Bahram Shahmohammadlou, Sevet Broumand and Roshank Garami have played roles in this movie.

"Sima's Unfinished Narration" is also the life story of Dr. Arash Simin, who has a successful life, but the broadcast of news on social network changes his family circumstances; Hamed Komeili, Azadeh Samadi, Mehran Ahmadi, Masoud Keramati and Ghazal Shakeri are the actors of the movie "Sima's Unfinished Narration".

According to the announcement of the Head of International Affairs of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, the BRICS Film Festival is one of the sections of the 46th Moscow International Film Festival. This event is the first international appearance of the film "After Leaving" and the second appearance of the film "Sima's Unfinished Narration" after the India International Festival of (Goa).

The 8th BRICS Film Festival will be held from April 19 to 23 (31st April to 4th May), hosted by the city of Moscow.