Propagation of a Cinematic Message from China to Iran

  • 13 May 2023
  • 09:34
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Propagation of a Cinematic Message from China to Iran

In a message on the occasion of the third China Film Week in Iran, which is being held at the Farabi Cinema Foundation, He Wenchuan, the CEO of the Shanghai International Festivals Center, described cinema as a strong field that brings the two nations closer than ever.

According to Isna, He Wenchuan wrote: "I express my sincere congratulations to the actions of the China Embassy in Iran in the field of cultural relations between China and Iran, and to its significant achievements and to witness a series of distinguished Chinese films, including "Captain " and "Wandering earth" in Iran, I am happy, the Shanghai International Film Festival shows the distinguished and outstanding films of the world cinema, including Iranian films every year.

We are on the verge of holding a new period of this festival and we welcome the registration and participation of Iranian films in this cultural activity. We also hope that next year we will see the selection and submission of premium films from China cinema for screening in the China Film Week program so that through this issue we will have the opportunity to have the Iranian audience understand the modernization of the China government in the shadow of Chinese socialism better.

The third week of China films in Iran continues with the screening of 5 films from the directors of the new generation of China cinema until May 10th at the Farabi Cinema Foundation.