2nd Australian Film Week In Tehran:Cinema Can Create A Common Language & Understanding Among Nations

  • 31 August 2022
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2nd Australian Film Week In Tehran:Cinema Can Create A Common Language & Understanding Among Nations
The Managing Director of Farabi Cinema Foundation, pointed out that film weeks can be a good way for nations to get to know each other and bring them closer. He stated: We at Farabi Cinema Foundation seek to expand cultural interactions between Iran and other countries through the lens of cinema.

According to the PR department of Farabi Cinema Foundation, at the opening ceremony of the second Australian film week, after welcoming Iranian and International guests and representatives of the Australian government, Seyed Mehdi Javadi, the Managing Director of this cinema foundation, said: In today's world, one of the most important categories that brings together the hearts of nations is cultural interactions, and in culture, above all, it is cinema that can be the common language of all nations through its lens and frame.


He further added that cinema is a reflection of cultures and civilizations, common pains and joys of humanity, and stated that seventh art is the narrator of the struggle that humans are facing today, he added: Cinema in today's world can create a common understanding and literature for a united world.

The Managing Director of Farabi Cinema Foundation stated: Iran's cinema as a noble and pure cinema, especially after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, has always been the narrator of these human and lasting commonalities in the world arena.

The director of the 35th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, pointed out that film weeks can be a victory and a good excuse for dialogue to bring nations closer to each other. He said: We are happy that today we are hosting the Australian Film Week in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The opportunity to cooperate with Australia, as a country that is one of the richest countries in terms of geographical size and diversity of ethnicities and the history of its natives, is a great opportunity for us, and we are interested in expanding our cultural and cinematic ties with this country.

Javadi introduced Farabi Cinema Foundation as the national institution of Iranian cinema, the main custodian of international cinema interactions in Iran and reminded: holding joint film weeks and co-production with other countries, participating in international events and interacting with filmmakers from other countries are among the most important tasks of Farabi Cinema Foundation.

He stated: We at Farabi Cinema Foundation are looking for any excuse so that we can create cultural interactions between the honorable people of Iran and other countries in the form of dialogue, and keep this important issue open through cinema.

The Managing Director of Farabi called film weeks good excuses to exchange opinions, to get to cinema professional closer with each other and also to start joint film activities with other countries and said: "Farabi Cinema Foundation, as the trustee of the film weeks, aims to organize these kinds of events both inside Iran and abroad by holding Iranian film weeks.

Seyyed Mehdi Javadi continued his speech while thanking the efforts of the International department and said: With the design of programs and efforts that the International Vice President of Farabi Cinema Foundation has endured and with the cooperation of our friends in the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communications, several weeks of films have been held by this foundation in other countries.We intend to hold the film in Iran for several weeks with the cooperation of various countries.

He added: Today, the series of programs designed for our joint film week with Australia has started, and in the future, we will hold the film week of China, Russia and at least three other countries until the end of the year at Farabi Cinema Foundation. I hope that the Australian film week will be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation in the field of film activities with this country.

This cinema director stated that we are ready to enter into contracts, memorandums and joint productions with the corresponding institutions of the Farabi Cinema Foundation in Australia, exchange common experiences in cinema and hold joint events and festivals, adding:I hope that the respected ambassador of Australia, who has cultural interests and loves cinema, will create the basis for these cooperations and joint agreements.

At the end, Seyed Mehdi Javadi stated: As the director of the 35th International Film Festival for Children and Youth and the Managing Director of Farabi Cinema Foundation, I would like to invite the representative of Australian cinema to participate in the two major cultural-artistic events in Iran: the 35th International Children and Youth Film Festival and the 41st Fajr International Film Festival. I hope that we will soon see the third week of Australian films with a joint film from the two countries of Iran and Australia.

Welcoming Film Weeks In Other Countries

Mohammad Ali Kayani, Director General of Cultural Cooperation and Affairs of Iranians Abroad, said in the continuation of the ceremony: Seyyed Mehdi Javadi spoke about the second week of Australian films and the relations between the two countries. I need to say that so far we have had very good cooperation with the Australian Embassy, ​​and during the first Australian Film Week held two years ago at the House of Cinema, we saw a good reception from movie lovers.

Pointing out that the General Directorate of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization is the coordinator of cultural consultants and has organized more than 10 weeks of films from European countries and other countries in Iran, Kayani added: the language of cinema is the common language of all nations. Cinema has a great impact in introducing the culture of each country, and for this reason, we have encouraged cultural advisors to hold these film weeks in other countries and Iran, and we welcome them.

At the end, he said: I am very grateful to Mrs. Sacks, the ambassador of Australia to Iran, and Seyed Mehdi Javadi, the Managing Director of Farabi Cinema Foundation, for their special efforts to organize this film week, and I hope we will see such programs held again.


The Special Features Of The Movie "Kore" From The Perspective Of The Australian Ambassador

In addition, Lyndall Sacks, the ambassador of Australia to Iran, while expressing her satisfaction participating in the 2nd Australian Film Week, said: "It is a matter of honor that Australia is the first country to hold a film week in Iran during these days." Here, I would like to express my gratitude to the Managing Director of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, who, as always, paid special attention to Australian cinema.
She stated that during her three years in Iran, I have learned many experiences from the honorable people of this country and I have learned a lot about their interests, adding: Iranian people are very interested in cinema. Like Australian people, they love cinema and use this art to transmit the story of their people.
The ambassador of Australia in Iran stated: Iranian and Australian films show the culture, creativity and expertise of their people to the world audience, and their films are in line with mutual recognition and understanding of each other, knowledge and understanding that can help strengthen the cornerstone of the bilateral relationship between Iran and Australia.
Stating that Iran and Australia have a long history of cooperation in science, environment and culture, she continued: cultural exchange plays a significant role in the relationship between the two countries, and I hope to see music and visual arts programs between the two countries in the coming months.

Emphasizing that some of the most serious works of famous and well-known Australian filmmakers will be screened in the second Australian film week, Sacks said: "The selected films refer to family relationships and the complex history of Australian aborigines and the support of people around the world in the formation of the country of Australia.”

At the end of her speech, the ambassador of Australia in Iran explained: What is important for us Australians is that our cinema connects the beliefs and customs of the world's oldest standing culture, namely the natives of Australia, with today's Australia. The special feature of the movie "Kore" is that it refers to the long-standing bond between Australian natives and Afghan immigrants, who have been generously hosted by the Iranian government and people for years.

The opening ceremony of the second week of Australian cinema was held on Tuesday evening, the 30th of August with the screening of the movie "Kore" in the Abbas Kiarostami Theatre Hall of Farabi Cinema Foundation.