FCF’s reaction to the illegal release of the film THE BEAR on Youtube

  • 06 September 2020
  • 11:28
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FCF’s reaction to the illegal release of the film THE BEAR on Youtube

Farabi Cinema Foundation has responded to recent media reports released in the past two days regarding the illegal screening of the film THE BEAR on a social media platform.

According to the PR department of Farabi Cinema Foundation, an illegal version of the film THE BEAR directed by Khosro Masumi (without English subtitles) has been published on a YouTube channel called “Shookofa Film”. It is noteworthy to mention that the film hasn’t received a screening license since 2012.
From the moment of being informed about the illegal release of the film THE BEAR on YouTube, Farabi Cinema Foundation has carefully looked into the matter in order to assert and protect the copyright of the film.
The information obtained after careful investigation was that a Persian version of the film without English subtitles has been illegally uploaded on a Youtube Channel called “Shokoofa Film” and during the last two days (August 29 and 30, 2020) it has had more than 19,000 viewers.
As the exclusive owner of the film, Farabi Cinema Foundation has primarily taken action by sending an official copyright infringement email to Youtube, requesting the immediate suspension and removal of the film from its platform. FCF is trying to provide all legal documentation in order to prevent all illegal circulations and screenings.
With the illegal release of the original title and the legal aspects of this action, all necessary follow ups and legal steps are being taken such as presenting a complaint in the "Copyright Protection Headquarter for Audiovisual Works” and other relevant judicial authorities , as well as consulting experts and specialists in the field of international law for further measures.
It is noteworthy mentioning that the the film used to originally belong to Visual Media Institute but after the the liquidation of the mentioned institute, all legal and intellectual rights of the film was transferred to Farabi Cinema Foundation in 2019.