Established in 1983, Farabi Cinema Foundation has operated in a wide range of activities which covers all aspects of cinema and film industry - however now its objectives are mainly focused on feature films. Farabi has produced films, supplied raw materials, lent camera equipments, provided post-production facilities, published various cinematic literature and sponsored film festivals since the very first steps of launch of New Iranian Cinema. FCF has organized Fajr Film Festival as well as Children Film Festival for over last two decades.

Farabi is also responsible for promoting and marketing Iranian cinema all over the world. Introducing Iranian feature films to festivals, screening of these films in different countries, participating at film markets and world sales of Iranian motion pictures are among its international activities. Farabi enters co-production projects with foreign producers as well, and also imports movies for theatrical (exclusively) and video release in Iran.

Through years of productive activity, Farabi Cinema Foundation has established itself as the major organization involved in domestic film industry and the main representative of Iranian Cinema abroad. In order to achieve the present status of Iranian cinema in the world, Farabi has supported national cinema by giving budget and low-interest loans to active companies in the fields of production and distribution.

Meanwhile Farabi has promoted many successful Iranian motion pictures in prestigious film festivals and cultural venues all around the world and received many prizes and awards in different film events which played a vital role in the international recognition of new Iranian cinema. Maybe all film festivals have witnessed the impressive presence of Iranian films distributed by FCF in this period – however, Farabi’s entries in important cinematic events such as Cannes, Berlin, San Sebastian, Cairo, Montreal, Mar del Plata, Tokyo, Locarno and Moscow have been the winners of some prestigious awards through these years. Most remarkably, Farabi earned an Academy Award (Oscar) nomination for the best foreign language film with CHILDREN OF HEAVEN, promoted through Miramax Films, in 1999.