• Written, Directed & Produced by: Abdolfazl Jalili
  • Director of Photography: Abolfazl Jalili
  • Production Manager: Maryam Ashrafi
  • Editor: Abolfazl Jalili
  • Sound: Hossein Navabi
  • Cast: Pouyan Shokri, Masoud Naji, Mahdiyar Asghari, Mohammad Hossein Pakdaman.
  • Iran, Color, 2020, 2K, 16.9, 98 mins.

Emkan is a 17-year-old teenager who has not seen his father for many years and his mother works late night in a factory. He has a small recording camera and he decides to make a film to give a twist to his routine life, however, he is not very proficient. He tries his best to achieve his goal…
Director’s Profile:
Born in 1957 in Saveh, Abolfazl Jalili is a writer and director. He started making amateur films at the age of 16 and made over 11 documentaries, 3 shorts and 2 mid-length films. In 1984, he started making professional films and up until now he has 14 features in his resume. Feature Films: 1983- MILAD, 1984- SPRING, 1987- SCABISE, 1988- DORNA, 1991- DANCE OF DUST, 1993- DET MEANS DAUGHTER, 1996- A TRUE STORY, 1997- DUN, 1998- STORIES OF KISH, 2000- ABJAD, 2005- HAFEZ, 2011- DARVAG, 2020-THE REVERSED PATH.
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