تاریخ: 13 May 2023

Ambassador of China: Chinese People are Big Fans of Iranian Movies/ I Have Seen 40 Iranian Movies

According to the public relations of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, Chang Hua, the China ambassador to Iran, in an interview with IRNA's film reporter, said: I am happy that the third week of China films in Iran has been very well received. In the last three days of this event, we have continuously seen this welcome.

He added: A number of selected films that are shown in this event are based on real stories from the lives of people of China. The number of cinema enthusiasts in China shows that its people are interested in this kind of movie, and we hope that the new generation of cinema will be liked by Iranian audiences as well.

Chang Hua said about his knowledge of Iranian cinema and the characteristics he attributes to this art: I personally like Iranian films very much and these works are also very popular among Chinese audiences, so far I have seen maybe more than 40 Iranian films. Among them, I can mention "White Balloon" because I like most movies about children.

The ambassador of China to Iran pointed out: I think Iranian films are made with special attention to the real and everyday life of Iranian people. They depict social realities and family relationships well. Maybe their production cost is lower than Chinese movies, but they are welcomed in the world with their special features.

The third China Film Week is being held by the Farabi Cinema Foundation and in cooperation with the Cinema Organization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, and the China Embassy in Iran until May 10th, 2023. This event welcomes cinema lovers every day from 17:00 p.m. with the screening of 5 films from the directors of the new generation of cinema in China.