تاریخ: 13 May 2023

The China Filmmakers Association’s Message to the Third China film Week in Iran Cultural Exchanges of Civilizations and a Clear Bridge Called Cinema

According to the public relation of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, quoted by Saba news agency, Tsao Juen, the editor of the China Filmmakers Association, wrote in his message to the third China Film Week in Iran, which is being held at the Farabi Cinema Foundation these days:

"Films are messengers of culture. The film Bridge plays an important role in the cultural exchange of civilizations. The two ancient civilizations of Iran and China have been in contact with each other since the distant past. The cultural exchange between the two through the film has also become more prosperous day by day. The charms of Iranian films with their unique features in the world of cinema have made more and more Chinese audiences to be attracted to them and love them every day. Every year, Iranian films participate in the "Jin Ji" festival hosted by the China Filmmakers Association and receive awards. China cinema has also made great progress in recent years and many outstanding films have been born in recent times. We hope that the friends of the Iranian cinema industry will introduce more attractive films from China to Iran audience members every day so that Iranians can get to know China through films and love it. We also hope that the people of the two countries will understand each other more through cinema so that more friendships and mutual understanding can be realized in human society.”

The third China films week in Iran is being held until May 10th, 2023 with the screening of 5 films from the directors of the new generation of China cinema at the Abbas Kiarostami Hall of the Farabi Cinema Foundation.