تاریخ: 13 May 2023

Cultural Advisor of China: The Beauty of Iran Cinema is like Nature and Iranian Carpet/ "The Color of God" is being taught in universities of China.

According to the public relation of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, Joe Zihao, China's Cultural Advisor in Iran, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the third China Film Week at the Farabi Cinema Foundation, in an interview with Pana, referring to the holding of the China Cultural Week in Iran, said: ‘‘We are happy that the China Film Week in Iran has been held, this event has been well received and this shows that Iran and China have a lot in common. Especially in the field of cinema and film, following these commonalities, pleasant events are going to take place.

He continued about the Chinese audience's understanding of Iranian cinema: China cinema has pursued various topics in these years, which was also shown in the third week of China Films at the Farabi Cinema Foundation, and films from the new generation of Chinese filmmakers are being screened. Chinese people also like Iranian cinema very much; Majid Majidi's movie "Color of God" is especially popular in China. I saw this movie 20 years ago in Iran and this movie is also being taught in cinema universities.

China's cultural advisor in Iran emphasized the necessity of developing cooperation between Iran and China cinema and said: We expect Iran and China cinema to have co-productions, and some Iranian filmmakers, including Mr. Majidi, Mrs. Narges Abiyar, and some other friends, have made some serious efforts to make a film about the Silk Road in China and they have worked hard on this path. We would very much like to see the result of a joint film by Iranian and Chinese filmmakers.

Zi Hao considered Iranian films, including the works of Majid Majidi, to have the characteristics of simplicity, humanity, and love for family and children, and said: These characteristics are cultural commonalities between China and Iran, and for this reason, Iranian cinematic works are very understandable and acceptable for the Chinese audience. Majid Majidi and many other Iranian filmmakers are known in China, and Mr. Majidi is invited as an honorary professor at Beijing Cinema University, where he teaches Chinese students.

He talked about the cultural elements he likes in the works of Iran cinema: In the eyes of the Chinese, Iran is so beautiful that its people walk on red flowers and the Iranian carpet, they love their children and family, and this is the image of the Chinese of Iranian cinema and people.

The third China film week is being held with the screening of 5 films from the new generation of China filmmakers until May 10th, 2023 at the Abbas Kiarostami Hall of the Farabi Cinema Foundation.