تاریخ: 20 September 2022

“WORLD WAR III" official representative of the Iranian cinema in the 2023 Oscars

According to the PR department of Farabi Cinema Foundation, Parviz Sheikh Tadi, a spokesperson and a member of the official selection committee, announced: After numerous meetings, out of the 57 eligible films, the committee has short- listed 17 films and after careful evaluation, 5 films were nominated as finalists.

According to Sheikh Tadi, “MEHDI'S SITUATION" by Hadi Hejazi, “THE DOLPHIN BOY" by Mohammad Khairandish, “NO PRIOR APPOINTMENT" by Behrooz Shoaibi, “SUBTRACTION" by Mani Haghighi and “WORLD WAR  III" by Homan Seidi were the 5 nominees. 

The spokesperson and member of the committee emphasized: While respecting and honoring the selected works, after evaluating  the necessary  conditions and standards, the members of the selection committee,unanimously selected the film “WORLD  WAR III” as the official representative of the  Iranian cinema in the 2023 Academy Awards.