تاریخ: 04 July 2021

Farabi Cinema Foundation congratulates the recent global success of the Tehran International Short Film Festival

According to the PR department of Farabi Cinema Foundation, the message is a follows:


Dear Mr. Seyed Sadegh Mousavi,
Esteemed Managing Director  of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society

The good news of accomplishing international accreditation for "Tehran International Short Film Festival" is the result of years of perseverance of Iranian short film directors and a source of pride and encouragement for all cinema activists and professionals, especially dedicated and talented filmmakers.

Of course, this achievement would not have been possible without the great efforts of your Excellency and your esteemed colleagues in the Iranian Youth Cinema Society.

Hopefully, this achivement we will be another stepping stone for the advancement and success of our cinema.

Alireza Tabesh

Managing Director of Farabi Cinema Foundation


According to this news, Seyed Sadegh Mousavi, the MD of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, announced on July 3rd, 2021 that Tehran International Short Film Festival has been added to the list of Oscar-approved festivals.

The Iranian Youth Cinema Society, as the oldest cinema institution in the country, is in charge of hosting the Tehran International Short Film Festival every year.