تاریخ: 24 April 2021

Best Script Award for Yalda at Barcelona International Film Festival

According to the PR department of Farabi Cinema Foundation, the film YALDA directed by Masoud Bakhshi, is a co-production between Iran, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Lebanon.

YALDA competed alongside THE STEPMOTHER (Jean-Paul Salome, France) THE PENGUIN BLOOM (Glendin Evin, USA and Australia), SMALL COUNTRY (Eric Barbie, Belgium and France) SOMBRA (Bruno Gascon, Portugal), MY SALINGER YEAR (Philippe Fallardo, Canada and Ireland) and THE GOOD TRAITOR (Kristena Randall, Denmark) and won the Best Script Award.

The film YALDA, co-produced by Ali Mosafa and Bangah Independent Cultural Institute (Massoud and Mahmoud Bakhshi) and with the participation of the Farabi Foundation is one of the most successful films in recent years. So far, the film has been awarded the Grand Prix Prize at Sundance Film Festival, the Best Script Award at Sofia International Film Festival, the Best Director Award at Antalya Film Festival, the Special Award at Washington Film Festival and .... Furthermore, the film is being currently screened in Europe and America.