Directed by: Monir Gheydi

Written by: Monir Gheydi, Ebrahim Amini, Milad Akbar Nejad
Produced by: Mohammad Reza Mansouri
Director of Photography: Saman Lotfiyan

Editor: Hamid Najafiraad
Costume & Production Design: Mohammad Reza Shojaei
Music: Sattar Oraki
Sound-recordist & Design: Mehdi Ebrahimzadeh, Faramarz Abolsedgh
Make-Up: Abbas Abbasi
Cast: Niki Karimi, Pante’A Panahiha, Fereshteh Hosseini, Hoda Zeynolabedin, Sadaf Asgari. 

Iran, 2022, Color, 107 mins. 

Synopsis : 

1980, Khoramshahr, South of Iran. Two years after the Iranian revolution, while the country is still in turmoil, the Iraqi army (southeastern neighbor) led by Saddam Hussein has invaded the south and is advancing with full military equipment. 

Civilians are resisting, but due to the lack of weapons and ammunition and trained forces, the city is about to fall. Among them, several women from different social backgrounds and with different motives, decide not to leave the city and battle against the enemy. An unbelievable and unacceptable action for the prevailing masculine atmosphere and culture  in the heart of the harsh and cruel reality of war.

“Squad of Girls" is the story of a group of legends left in the narratives of the victors of historical battles: the women of war. Along with the course of the story, this narrative deals with the motives and secrets of its heroes, tells of the devastating effects of war, and depicts the days of the beginning of the occupation of Khorramshahr by the Iraqi army  from a different and feminine perspective.

Khorramshahr falls, but the heroes of the “Squad of Girls" are forced to leave their city while standing in a different position from their point of departure. 

Director’s Profile: 

Born in 1972 in Iran, Monir Gheydi holds a BA in Cultural Management. She began her career working as a stage secretary, assistant director and programmer. Gheydi has made numerous short and documentary films.She directed her debut feature film “Villa Dwellers”  in 2016 and “Squad of Girls” is her second feature film.  

Feature Films: 2016- VILLA DWELLERS, 2022- SQUAD OF GIRLS

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