• Written, Directed & Produced by: Khatereh Hanachi
  • Director of Photography: Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah, Mehdi Azadi
  • Editor: Ismael Monsef
  • Music: Sabaa Nedaee
  • Sound-recordist & Design: Hassan Shabankareh
  • Production Company: Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC)
  • Iran, 2020, Color, HD, 71 mins.

This documentary is about an orphanage in the City of Mashad, Iran that used to be supervised by a seemingly legitimate and caring couple, but later it gets shut down due to the legal complaints from its own residents who are now facing the new challenge of living with their true parents who once had neglected them. This is the time for them to take care of their own lives as adults. Director’s Profile: Born in 1980 in Tehran, Khatereh Hanachi holds a bachelor in Science. Filmography: MILAD, FRIEND’S MEMENTO, COUNTDOWN, SILENT DEATH, THE STORY OF FOROUGH’S GIRLS.
Director’s Profile:
Born in 1980, Fatemeh Hanachi passed the documentary filmmaking courses at Young Journalists’ Club in 2002. In the same year, she made her first experimental documentary titled “Gozareshi Az Yek Zendegi Khaki.” After taking directing courses at Iranian Youth Cinema Society, she took this career more seriously. In 2004, she made short documentary “the Silent Death.” Her short documentary in 2006, “Yaser Children,” at the documentary workshop held by the EDFC in Iran, was selected among the 3 best titles of the event. Her medium-length documentary, “Shomaresh Makoos,” received many nominations and awards at many domestic and international film festivals. She started her latest documentary feature in 2012, and finished it in 2019
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