• Written & Directed by: Bahram & Bahman Ark
  • Produced by: Mohammad Reza Mesbah
  • Director of Photography: Ali Abpak & Pouria Pishvari
  • Editor: Mohammad Najarian
  • Music: Bamdad Afshar
  • Sound Mix & Design: Alireza Alavian
  • Sound-recordist: Amir Shahverdi
  • Make-up: Babak Keshan Fallah
  • Costume & Production Design: Rasoul Alizadeh , Pouria Akhavan
  • Visual Effects: Hamed Mousavi
  • Cast: Javad Ghamati, Narjes Delaram , Nasser Hashemi, Mahmoud Nazar Alian, Vali Abdi.
  • Iran, 2020, Color, Azari Turk, Dolby 5.1, 16.9, 2K, DCP, 90 mins.

Araz lives with his witch mother, Marhamat, and he’s fallen under her spell to stay with her and not to go after his love. However, Araz tries to get rid of his mother’s spell and the closer he approaches his love, the weaker his mother gets. Araz has to make a choice between his love to mother or his beloved and the evil leads him toward his love and his conscience toward to his sinful mother. The man gives the spell to his love as she would make decision on Araz life and his mother.
Director’s Profile:
Born in 1989 in Tabriz, Bahman and Bahram Ark are twin brothers who are both graduates of Iranian National Film School. Bahman firstly studied painting and Bahram studied carpet design. They have made couple of short films and two feature films and received numerous national and international awards for their films, including the Cinefondation’s 2nd Prize for ANIMAL in Cannes 2017. Their films are: UNCLEAN (short film,2015), COLDNESS (feature, 2016), ANIMAL (short film, 2017), THE SKIN (feature, 2020). FEATURE FILMS: 2016- COLDNESS, 2020- THE SKIN.
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