• Directed by: Kourosh Ahari
  • Written by: Milad Jarmouz , Kourosh Ahari
  • Produced by: Alex Bretow, Kourosh Ahari, Jeffrey Allard, Cheryl Staurulakis, Armin Amiri
  • Director of Photography: Maziar Makani
  • Editor: Mehdi Vahedi
  • Production Design: Jennifer Dehghan
  • Costume Design: Maryam Rasekh
  • Music: Nima Fakhrara
  • Sound-recordist & Design: Armin Karbaf, Kami Asgar
  • Make-Up: Babak Eskandari
  • Cast: Shahab Hosseini, Niusha Jafarian, Amirali Hosseini, Armin Mehr.
  • Iran, USA, 2020, Color, 111 mins.

This suspenseful, psychological thriller tells the story of an Iranian couple and their one-year-old daughter living in the US. They become trapped in a hotel where insidious, supernatural forces cause them to face the secrets that have come between them in a night that terrifyingly never ends.
Director’s Profile:
An Iranian filmmaker who moved to United States at the age of 19 to pursue his passion of film making. He continues to excel as a visionary director and producer with incredible aptitude for exploring the human condition. His vision and attention to subtleties in human connections allow him to capture worlds within the worlds of his films. This vision lends itself to drama, and allows him to explore all genres and content. He holds films must be believable, and connect and resonate with people. He believes this is true of all visual content. At his core, he is a storyteller, and tells visual stories with passion, truth, and a human touch. Feature Films: 2020- THE NIGHT.
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