• Written, Directed & Produced by: Mohammad-Sadegh Dehghani
  • Director of Photography: Mehdi Karimi
  • Editor: Mohadeseh Golchin Arefi
  • Sound- Recordist: Jalil Mahmoudi
  • Sound Design: Zohreh Ali Akbari
  • Comic Motion: Amir Mehran
  • Voice-Over: Massoud Raygan
  • Production Manager: Jalil Mahmoudi
  • Production Company: Najian-e Aab NGO
  • IRAN, 2019, Color, Documentary, DCP, Full HD, 25fps, 55 mins.

Iranian people’s water requirements are mostly depending on groundwater, though these sources are swiftly ending and the farmers are overusing millions of cubic meters of water annually. This documentary shows the tragedy of progressive depletion of groundwater resources in Iran in the past 50 years. While analyzing the water managements in past decades, we will see the environmental and social losses of such plunder, like land subsidence and migration of more than 11 million Iranians to suburbs of megacities.
Director’s Profile:
Born in 1989 in Birjand, Mohammad-Sadegh Dehghani is a graduate of Dramatic Literature from Tehran University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. He made a short film, WALNUT CAKE in 2007 and then his first documentary, TEN in 2009. Filmography: 2009- TEN, 2011- KAMYABIE MASAK, 2014- A TOWN FOR MY DAUGHTERS, 2015- MR. ENGINEER, 2019- PLUNDER, 2019- FORBIDDEN PLAIN (a TV 3- episode documentary).
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