• Written & Directed by: Ebrahim Haatami Kia
  • Produced by: Habibollah Vaali Nejad
  • Director of Photography: Vahid Ebrahimi
  • Editor: Emaad Khodabakhsh
  • Costume & Production Design: Maral Jeyrani, Majid Ali Eslam
  • Music: Karen Homayounfar
  • Sound-recordist & Design: Amir Nobakht, Aarash Ghasemi
  • Make-Up: Mehrdad Mir Kiani
  • Production Company: Owj Cinema Organization
  • Cast: Faramarz Gharibian, Pantea Panahiha, Jahangir Almaasi, Sam Gharibian
  • Iran, 2020 , Color, Dolby Digital, 2.35.1, 124 mins.

This film narrates the life story of a group of urban cotton workers whose lands and crops have been destroyed by the mistake of a governmental company, and the promises made to them have been void and null. They decide to go to the presidential administration to protest about their situation and…
Director’s Profile:
Born in Tehran in 1961, Ebrahim Hatamikia is a well-known Iranian filmmaker who has devoted a considerable part of his work to the effects of imposed war on Iranian contemporary society. Graduated in screenwriting from The College of Cinema and Theatre/ Arts University, Hatamikia began his film career in the front at the outbreak of the imposed war as a cinematographer. His breakthrough films were THE SCOUT and THE IMMIGRANT as two different works in Iranian war movies. He has won many awards in national film festivals and presented his works in prestigious international cinematic events-notably his THE GLASS AGENCY in Berlin and his THE RED RIBBON in San Sebastian. Feature Films: 1987- THE IDENTITY, 1989- THE SCOUT, 1990- THE IMMIGRANT, 1991- UNION OF THE GOOD, 1992- FROM KARKHEH TO RHINE, 1994- THE GREEN ASHES, 1996- THE SCENT OF JOSEPH’S SHIRT, MINOO WATCH-TOWER, 1998- THE GLASS AGENCY, 1999- THE RED RIBBON, 2001- THE DEAD WAVE, 2002- LOW HEIGHTS, 2006- IN THE NAME OF FATHER, 2009- INVITATION, 2010- AS THE COLOR OF PURPLE, 2011- CHRONCILE OF A CEREMONY, 2014- CHE, 2016- BODYGUARD, 2020- EXODUS.

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