By Bijan Mirbagheri

A famous actor and his fiancée are in the process of immigrating to another country. However, after his backpack is stolen, they postpone their trip. Together they try their best to resolve the different obstacles facing them.

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  • Duration
    86 min
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Cast & Crew
  • Written & Directed by

    Bijan Mirbagheri
  • Produced by

    Javad Noruzbeigi
  • Editor

    Bijan Mirbagheri
  • Sound

    Parviz Abnar
  • Make-Up Artist

    Mohsen Molki
  • Cast

    Niki Karimi, Rouzbeh Bemani, Soroush Sehat, Maral Farjad.
Director's Biography

Bijan Mirbagheri

Born in 1968 in Tehran, Bijan Mirbagheri is a graduate in Photography from the School of Art. After making six short films, he won the Silver Leopard from the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland/2005) for his debut feature film, WE ARE ALL FINE. His THIRD FLOOR also entered main competition of Warsaw Film Festival. In the big production of Majid Majidi’s MUHAMMAD, THE MESSENGER OF GOD, Mirbagheri rewrote the script and worked as second unit director.
Feature Films: 2005-We Are All Fine; 2007- The Day Looms; 2009- Hell, Purgatory, Heaven; 2010- Third Floor; 2016- Stolen.

Director's View

The personal life of each individual is their most sensitive social issue. Each society has a different reaction towards the meaning of sanctuary. There is always some curiosity involved in regards to other people’s personal life. Once this space is violated, the person involved will feel insecure and will be physiologically affected, in a way that he/she might feel someone has stolen from them.

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