By (Bahram and BahmanHaj Abol Loo (Ark

”Coldness" is about a family who is facing financial difficulties and due to this their 8 year old son is constantly anxious and wets himself at school. His social anxiety forces him to continuously hide under his mother’s chador. To help her son overcome his fears and to make him forget this bad habit, his mother decides to take her chador off whenever she picks him up from school…

  • Genre
  • Country
  • Year of Publication
  • Duration
    86 min
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Type
    2D DCP
  • Sound System
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Cast & Crew
  • Directed by

    Bahram and Bahman Haj Abol Loo (Ark)
  • Written by

    Bahram and Bahman Haj Abol Loo (Ark), Ali Moslemi
  • Producers

    Sina Baradaran Ahangari and Youth Cinema Society of Tabriz
  • Director of Photography

    Hamid Mehrafrouz
  • Editors

    Ghader Farivar, Mehdi Jafarzadeh
  • Sound-recordist

    Hasan Salmani
  • Sound Mix

    Mehdi Jafarzadeh
  • Visual Effects

    Amin Shirvani
  • Costume Design

    Somayeh Khodadadi
  • Make-up

    Somayeh Khodadadi
  • Cast

    Sadra Daneshvar, Nasrin Moradi, Sajad Rafi.
Festivals & Awards
  • Shanghai International Film Festival
Director's Biography

(Bahram and BahmanHaj Abol Loo (Ark

Bahram and Bahman Haj Abol Loo (Ark) are twin brothers, born in 1989 in the city of Tabriz, Iran. They have graduated from The Islamic Arts University, holding Bachelor degrees in Carpet Design and Iranian Art, respectively. They began their film career in 2009 by writing and making short films. Their short films “The Sunburned” and “Najes” were recognized in local and international film festivals. “Coldness” is their first feature-length film, which was independently written and made.

Feature Films: 2015-COLDNESS.

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