By Vahid Mousaaian

Ghashang and Farang are two elderly sisters living with their sons Bahman and Vahid. Farang’s son, Bahman is a film critic and Ghashang’s son, Vahid is a dentist. Although Vahid is married, he is not very committed to his marriage and due to this his wife has left him and moved to France to continue studying. On the other hand, Bahman and his wife have separated and she has moved to Dubai in an attempt to sell her paintings. One night, after hosting a party, Bahman goes for a walk and is hit by a car and fells into a coma. His mother and aunt try to bring him back to life by ...

  • Genre
  • Country
  • Year of Publication
  • Duration
    90 min
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Type
  • Sound System
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Cast & Crew
  • Written, Directed and Produced by

    Vahid Mousaaian
  • Executive Producer

    Azita Mogouie
  • Investor

    Vahid Mousaaian, Mohammad Pour Rad
  • Director of Photography

    Mohammad Reza Sokout
  • Editor

    Hassan Hassandoost
  • Music

    Fereidoon Shahbazian
  • Production Designer

    Behzad Adineh
  • Costume Designer

    Mojgan Eyvazi
  • Sound Mix and Design

    Mohsen Roshan
  • Sound-recordist

    Mohammad Shahverdi
  • Make-up

    Alireza Khorshid
  • Visual Effects

    Behnam Khaksar
  • Cast

    Reza Kianian, Afshin Hashemi, Sorush Sehat, Raena Azadivar, Manzar Lashkari, Omid Rohani, Hossein Moheb Ahari, Jean Damien Barbin, Ladan Mostofi, Bita Farahi.
Director's Biography

Vahid Mousaaian

Born in Khorramabad, Iran in 1969, Vahid Mousaian graduated from Art and Architecture Faculty with a degree in theatre. He made a number of short films, winning several prizes at both national and international film festivals. Mousaian’s debut feature, WISHES OF THE LAND was the recipient of the Special Jury Prize at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival (2002), as well as the 19th Love International Film Festival in Mons, Belgium. His second feature film SILENCE OF THE SEA received the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the 52nd Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, the best music award at the 48th Asia Pacific Film Festival, and the best feature film and the best screenplay in the Dubrovnik Film Festival (Croatia), and competed in 2004 Sundance International Film Festival. His GOLCHEHREH was a winner at Houston, Boston and Batumi Film Festivals.
Feature Films: 2001- Wishes Of The Land; 2003- Silence Of The Sea; 2004- Solitude Of The Wind; 2006- The Bright House; 2007- The Earring; The Lost Land; 2011- Golchehreh; 2013- The Fourth Child, 2016- Ghashang & Farang.

Director's View

When I was writing the script of GHASHANG & FARANG I thought that it was just a story. However, the story gradually faded into reality. Then I thought to myself why I wrote the script? Just for telling a story? Or going back to the future? But at last I realized that it is not a story at all, it was just a bitter reality that I wished would have a happy ending.

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