By Khosrow Sinai

There are 50 different colors of soil in Hormuz Island. An eco artist travels to the island to teach the women inhabitants how to create fine works with painting the colorful soil on the glass. Women enthusiastically participate in his workshop. They begin painting and selling their works to the tourists. Art helps them to improve their economical situation as well. When the artist inhabits in the island, different stories begin…

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  • Country
  • Year of Publication
  • Duration
    103 min
  • Aspect Ratio
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  • Sound System
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Cast & Crew
  • Written & Directed by

    Khosrow Sinai
  • Producers

    Khosrow Sinai, Farabi Cinema Foundation
  • Production Manager

    Majid Karimi
  • Director of Photography

    Ali Loghmani
  • Editor

    Alireza Karimi
  • Music

    Loris Tjeknavorian
  • Sound

    Alireza Karimi
  • Cast

    Mehdi Ahmadi, Tayyebeh Dehghan Manshadi, Narges Hormozi, Mostafa Shab Tari, Abdolrasoul Daryapeyma, Mohammad Salamati.
Director's Biography

Khosrow Sinai

Born in Sari in 1940, Khosrow Sinai studied at Vienna Academy of Dramatic Arts (film-making and screenwriting) and Vienna Conservatory (Theory of Music). In1967, after his return to Iran, Sinai began his film career at the Ministry of Culture and Arts. In 1973, he joined NIRT. A well –known documentary filmmaker because of his continuous and avant-garde activities in this field, Sinai has been also active as a fiction filmmaker. His best-known feature films are IN THE ALLEYS OF LOVE (premiered at Cannes – Un Certain Regard) and THE BRIDE OF FIRE (awarded at Karlovy Vary).
Feature Films: 1971-83- The Lost Elegy; 1979- Viva …; 1983- The Inner Monster; 1987- The Friend is Home …; 1990- In the Alleys of Love; 1997- Autumn Alley; 2000- The Bride of Fire; 2006- Talking to the Shadows; 2007- Like a Tale; 2015-The Rainbow Island.

Director's View

In a world full of blood shedding, horror, anxiety and excitement, I want to show everyone is able to play his own part in order to comfort people and make their lives much more beautiful. Especially the artists can somehow forget about the money in a world of consumerism and utilize their talents for reducing the violence and the anxiety in the world today.

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