By Farzad Motamen

One night, Mahta, a 24-year-old medical student decides to pay a visit to Alphaville Café. She has heard that Allphaville is the right spot to find Davoud Moradi, a filmmaker. She wants to figure out what happened between her sister and Moradi, that has caused her sister to fall asleep for over two months… On her way there, Mahta encounters a taxi driver who is accompanied by a young girl that has been beaten up. Regardless of all his problems, the driver decides to find the person who is responsible for doing this to her passenger…

  • Genre
  • Country
  • Year of Publication
  • Duration
    100 min
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Type
  • Sound System
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Cast & Crew
  • Directed by

    Farzad Motamen
  • Written by

    Zamyad Sadvandian, Farzad Motamen
  • Produced by

    Javad Nourzbeigi
  • Director of Photography

  • Editor

    Sohrab Khosrawi
  • Costume & Production Designer

    Sana Nourzbeigi
  • Sound-recordist

    Mohammad Shahroudi
  • Sound Mix

    Hossein Abousadegh
  • Music

    Babak Mirza Khani
  • Make-up

    Mehrnoush Tabibi
  • Cast

    Elnaz Shakerdoost, Amir Jafari, Azadeh Samadi, Mohammad Mehdi Soltani, Sahar Nezam Doost.
Director's Biography

Farzad Motamen

Born in 1960 in Tehran Farzad Motamen has a B.A in cinema studies from Rice University of Houston (Texas). He started his career by making documentary films in 1983. He worked persistently and made more than 40 documentary films during 1983 till 1993 including THE BANDAR'S KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (1991) and JEYRAN (1992). SEVEN ACTS was Farzad Motamen's debut feature film which won two awards in Fajr Film Festival (including Best Actress). WHITE NIGHTS(2003) was his second feature based on Dostoyevsky's story which won five awards including the best film from the Khaneh Cinema's Awards. He is currently a lecturer in the Film Department of University of Tehran.
Feature Films: 2000- Seven Acts; 2003- White Nights; 2004- The Ransomed; 2008- The Music Box; 2009- The Voices; 2010- Poopak and Mash Mashallah; 2012- The Awakening; 2014- Shades; 2015- The Long Farewell, 2016- When Did You Last See Sahar?, 2018- All Through The Night.

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