By Mazdak Mirabedini

Mohammad Ali Vandi, an actor, filmmaker, and theatre instructor, returns to Iran after losing all hopes for immigration to the US. Back with his painter wife in Tehran, he is obliged to find a suitable house to rebuild his life once again. Desperately searching for a house, they find out that they are expecting their first child…

  • Genre
  • Country
  • Year of Publication
  • Duration
    81 min
  • Aspect Ratio
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  • Sound System
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Cast & Crew
  • Written & Directed by

    Mazdak Mirabedini
  • Producer

    Mohammad Ahmadi
  • Director of Photography

    Amin Jafari
  • Editor

    Pegah Ahmadi
  • Costume & Production Designer

    Neda Saremi Monfared
  • Music

    Babak Mirzakhani
  • Sound-recordist

    Taher Pishvaie
  • Sound Design and Mix

    Alireza Alavian
  • Make-Up

    Mohammad Ghoumi
  • Cast

    Mazdak Mirabedini, Neda Saremi Monfared, Hamidreza Pegah, Afsar Asadi, Negar Abedi.
Director's Biography

Mazdak Mirabedini

Born in 1976 in Tehran, Mazdak Mirabedini is a graduate of Cinema Studies from the University of California. During his studies in the US, he made eight short films in Los Angeles. In 2008, Mirabedini co-established 1050 VM Production in Boston, crafting an independent feature, Abdolreza Kahani’s OVER THERE which won Thessaloniki’s Golden Alexander as well as CRYING DEER, an experimental theatre piece.
In 2010, Mazdak began teaching film and theatre studies to kids, as well as making short documentaries. He also acted in several movies such as FAREWELL BAGHDAD and EVERYTHING FOR SALE.
Mirabedini, who often acts in his own movies, wrote and directed his first professional film FOOTWORK.
Feature Films: 2017- FOOTWORK

Director's View

To be, To long, To belong
‘To belong or Not’ is sometimes as crucial as ‘To be or Not’. Mohammad Ali Vandi longs to belong to where he’s been born and raised; as a being, as an actor, as a filmmaker, even as a theatre coach. He tries to find a decent home for himself and his painter wife, Mitra Sadri … Oblivious of the arrival of a newborn.
FOOTWORK tells a humorous story about the wreckage of the hopes and dreams of a middle-class family … about the distress of immigration and disappointments and longing for ‘home’. To become a parent in polluted Tehran; a rapid city surrounded by congested buildings and agonizing noises of engines … which crazes the lonesome and desolation of today’s human-beings.

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