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Since its establishment in 1983, Farabi Cinema Foundation (FCF) has played key role in promoting and supporting the Iranian Cinema. FCF is internationally known as the major base for launching New Iranian Cinema abroad, presenting many Iranian well-known directors. Over the years, FCF has also promoted many successful Iranian motion pictures in prestigious film festival and cultural events around the world and has received many awards and acknowledgements for them. One remarkable example of the active role Farabi has played for the distribution of Iranian films internationally is the time when it collaborated with Mirmax Films in 1999. This collaboration led to the first Oscar nomination for an Iranian film.

As one of the most influential cinema organizations in Iran with a vast experience in various fields of cinema and the film industry, FCF operates in a wide range of activities such as:

  • Film production
  • Supplying equipment and relevant materials
  • Offering production and post- production facilities and services
  • Publishing cinematic literature
  • Sponsoring and organizing national and international film festivals since the very beginning of its establishment such as “Fajr” and “Children & Youth” Film Festivals….
  • Acting as the sole importer of foreign movies for theatrical release in Iran.

Even though for a short period of time Farabi restricted its presence in the international scene, the company devised new ways to support the Iranian Cinema. FCF started organizing the Iranian Cinema Umbrella in major international film markets such as Cannes and Berlinale. This step was a strategic move to create a platform to facilitate the involvement of Iranian distribution companies in international film markets. In addition, FCF also has been actively involved in co-production projects with foreign producers. Two successful and recent projects that have been supported by FCF are the films YEVA and A HELL OF WEDDING.

In order to achieve the current status of Iranian cinema in the  world,  Farabi  has  continuously  supported  national  cinema  by adequately  allocating budget and low-interest loans to companies active in the fields of production and distribution. Over the years, Farabi Cinema Foundation has been able to closely collaborate with major film festivals and participate in important cinematic events such as Cannes, Berlin, San Sebastian, Cairo, Montreal, Mar del Plata, Tokyo, Locarno and Moscow.

In addition, two of the most important international festivals that FCF has been involved in for over three decades are Fajr International Film Festival and International Festival for Children & Youth. As for Fajr, for over 3 decades, FCF was the sole body in charge of organizing the event. After the separation of the international section from the national section 3 years ago, FCF is still involved in supporting both sections of the festival held every February and April.

Without  a  doubt,  currently  Farabi Cinema Foundation  is  one  of  the  most  reliable  and  well-known organizations that is actively involved in promoting and supporting Iranian Cinema internationally.

For now, the main international objectives and priorities of Farabi Cinema Foundation are as follows:

  • Introducing Iranian films to renowned international film festivals and events
  • Screening films in different countries
  • Participating in important film markets
  • Marketing and sales of Iranian films
  • Collaborating with newly established companies as consultant for world sales of Iranian motion pictures
  • Launching co-production projects (both locally and internationally)
  • Supporting young filmmakers and new talents



Alireza TABESH
Managing Director
Head of International Affairs
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