Eye-catching Presence of Iranian Films in India

24 December 2017

The films A HOUSE ON 41ST STREET by Hamidreza Ghorbani (screened in Sao Paolo, Med Film, Bangalore, Tiburon, Calcutta Forum, Casa Asia, Lausanne University etc…), GHASHANG & FARANG by Vahid Mousaaian (screened in Busan, Sao Paolo, Casa Asia, Lausanne University, etc…), HOURA by Gholamreza Sagharichian (screened in Tamil Nadu,Tamil Norway, Golden Elephant (awarded), All Lights India (Awarded), Istanbul Universal Kids, Canada Kids, Rolan, Casa Asia and Seoul International Youth Film Festival, )NIGHT SHIFT by Niki Karimi (screened in Warsaw, Casa Asia, Tallinn, CineIran, Sophia Menar, 12 Months, Baghdad, Asia-Pacific, Dhaka, Sguardi Altrove, etc…) and TRAGEDY by Azita Mogui ( Screened in Bangladesh Women FF, Baghdad, Eco, Dhaka, Simon Fraser University, etc…)were screened in Kolhapur International Film Festival (India, 14-20 December, 2017).

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