Remarkable presence of the Iranian Cinema in Casa Asia

1 November 2017

The films DREAM OF WATER by Farhad Mehranfar, THE HOUSE ON 41ST STREET by Hamidreza Ghorbani, BENCH CINEMA by Mohammad Rahmanian, MINA’S OPTION by Kamal Tabrizi, CYANIDE by Behrouz Shoeibi, GHASHANG & FARANG by Vahid Mousaaian, HOURA by Gholamreza Sagharchian ,STOLEN by Bijan Mirbagheri, UNTIL AHMAD RETURNS by Sadegh Sadegh Daghighi and SARA & AIDA by Maziar Miri will be screened in the 5th edition of Casa Asia( November 2- 12, 2017, Spain).

It is noteworthy to mention that the director of BENCH CINEMA, Mr. Mohammad Rahmanian will also serve as a member of the jury in the upcoming event.


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